Loch Ness Lore

Begrudgingly, I have returned from the dreamiest of all trips ever to be taken: Scotland. I went there for a plethora of reasons, and that gorgeous country fulfilled my expectations above and beyond my wildest dreams. I genuinely hope I can live there someday. And coming from someone who loves NYC as much as I do, well… that’s saying something.

unnamed-4.jpgThis is Loch Ness. I have wanted to come here since I was about 11 years old. I’ve had a book hiding in the back of my head that revolves around an intrepid, curious girl who needs to solve the mysteries of Loch Ness so I made it a point to do some research while I was in Scotland.unnamed-3.jpgIt was a misty, rainy day and very quiet. A day that leant itself to contemplation and letting my imagination wander across the loch and over the misty hills. unnamed-2.jpgI brought a wee bit of magic of my own, and wouldn’t you know that now I’m back home and have begun a draft of what I think might actually be a charming book.

And of course, a slightly autobiographical one. ; )

Next up: Secrets and Lies at Caveat!

One of my favorite things about being a New Yorker is discovering others who share my passion for this city – especially the stories that this city holds and tucks away in the various corners and alleys of history.

Are you in the New York City area? Come to Caveat on August 8th for an enchanting evening of New York City history storytelling – I’ll be on stage as one of the featured speakers with friends who share my love of NYC stories! Can you tell the difference between a secret and a lie? Click HERE for tickets and info!

Hint: My story has a direct link the wildly popular book and film Gangs of New York… but that’s all you get! Come to the show if you want to find out if I’m sharing an NYC secret or telling a well-crafted lie.