Loch Ness Lore

Begrudgingly, I have returned from the dreamiest of all trips ever to be taken: Scotland. I went there for a plethora of reasons, and that gorgeous country fulfilled my expectations above and beyond my wildest dreams. I genuinely hope I can live there someday. And coming from someone who loves NYC as much as I do, well… that’s saying something.

unnamed-4.jpgThis is Loch Ness. I have wanted to come here since I was about 11 years old. I’ve had a book hiding in the back of my head that revolves around an intrepid, curious girl who needs to solve the mysteries of Loch Ness so I made it a point to do some research while I was in Scotland.unnamed-3.jpgIt was a misty, rainy day and very quiet. A day that leant itself to contemplation and letting my imagination wander across the loch and over the misty hills. unnamed-2.jpgI brought a wee bit of magic of my own, and wouldn’t you know that now I’m back home and have begun a draft of what I think might actually be a charming book.

And of course, a slightly autobiographical one. ; )

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