Ashley Semrick is a lead primary division educator at the Blue School in Manhattan, an independent school founded in 2006 by the Blue Man Group. (She does not paint herself blue.) She’s also an NYC Tour Guide obsessed with the hidden stories of New York City’s history, specializing in the 19th century construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, the American Revolution, and downtown Manhattan. You can also find her onstage at Caveat on the Lower East Side, sharing her favorite stories of NYC’s past, and she performs regularly as a cellist and singer/songwriter with her rock band, After School Special.

Ashley is currently writing a biography for young readers about Emily Warren Roebling, unsung American STEAM heroine of the late Victorian era. 

When she isn’t teaching, touring, singing, or storytelling, she’s likely tucked away into one of the city’s many museums — probably attempting to gain access to somewhere she isn’t allowed to go.